Press Release - Back to school and Christmas 2021

Tea Heritage launches for the end of the year a very autumnal collection with new shapes and seasonal flavors, as well as a collection for Christmas with a new advent calendar and a Winterland gift box.

These new tea bags will bring comfort on rainy and cold days, and this, from the beginning of the school year!

Organic and Made in France tea bags:

Hand woven in a small workshop in Lyon, each bag is made on order.

Tea Heritage offers meticulously selected flavors from elsewhere, all organic and in collaboration with the Ethical Tea Partnership label which aims to make the tea industry more sustainable.

The green tea comes from China and Japan, the rooibos from South Africa and the black tea from India or Sri Lanka.

All bags are biodegradable, made of organic cotton yarn that does not contain any chemicals and does not bleed in boiling water. The fabric is a food grade gauze.

Pack Automne 2021

Pack Noël 2021