La sélection des thés et infusions Bio de Tea Heritage

Understand our prices

Dearest customers, Tea Heritage is an independent craftsman from Lyon. We have always been committed to building a lasting and positive relationship with each of you. This is why it seems important to us to explain how our prices are calculated.

Our raw material 🍃

The most important for us is the quality of our raw material, which is our tea leaves, but also the fruits and spices that make Tea Heritage's recipes unique. We are constantly looking for quality suppliers who share the same environmental and social values as us.

The cost of our raw material varies according to several elements that unfortunately we do not control: seasonality, harvests, trends, transport costs.

Tea leaves, fruits and spices represent our largest item of expenditure and around 30% of our selling price.

Our know-how🧵

The human cost is not easy to measure but imagining, designing a tea recipe and sewing, one by one, each tea bag is a meticulous skill.

Today we are two to take care of your orders. Which means: selecting and blending the teas, sewing the tea bags, packaging your order, writing the sweet note that accompanies it, shipping your order. The human cost is about 20% of our selling price.

Our packaging 🎁

We imagine and design the labels of our tea bags, our tea boxes, our advent calendars... We want it to look beautiful but also to protect our products the best it can. They are printed in France and Europe and represent approximately 10% of our selling price.

Marketing cost and our Website 💻

We take care by ourself of the development of the website. We also use traffic acquisition marketing solutions: Instagram, Facebook, Google. We would like to avoid them but unfortunately it is impossible. Our market is very competitive. So here it is, as an independent craftsman we have no choice but to fight to be able to exist online.

Marketing and our website represent about 10% of our annual budget.

Our other costs

There are still other costs such as our equipment, taxes, our accountant etc.

We try to be profitable and we count on you to help us achieve this by accepting our prices.

We want to grow with you.

Elodie and Julie