[NEWS] Our Advent Calendar

You have loved it for 4 seasons now and I must say that it is always a pleasure to design it every year!

Let me tell you the story of our Advent Calendar!

The Advent Calendar evokes for me - and probably for you too - sweet moments of my childhood. My grandmother used to sew mine and fill it with my favorite candies and treats. She also hid little personalized surprises in some of the boxes for each of her grandchildren. It's hard to beat this level of cuteness 💝.

In creating Tea Heritage I wanted to offer sweet and beautiful moments of deliciousness, like the one I had as a child when I opened these 25 boxes.

Julie and I are starting to imagine our advent calendar in spring. The main theme is to pay tribute to our favorite city, Lyon, on the cover and to convey the cozy atmosphere of the end-of-year holidays.

This year, it is the iconic Place Bellecour that is highlighted. Every year, the big wheel and the ice rink are installed on the square for the holidays and it's always an atmosphere I love.

A few steps away from the Place Bellecour there is the workshop-boutique of Louis Simart, a chocolate maker with whom we have been working for 3 years. I recommend his little Lyon cobblestones to hazelnut praline addicts. A highly addictive delight. 🤤

In our advent calendar, you'll find an assortment of 22 of our hand-sewn tea bags and 3 chocolates from Lyon's artisan chocolatier Louis Simart. It's a good way to discover our recipes of teas, herbal teas and rooibos. It's also a good way to introduce our creations to your friends and family!

I hope you will enjoy this new advent calendar. I can't wait to get your feedback! The countdown to Christmas is starting!

See you soon,