[TIP] Our organic herbal teas or a nice alternative to sodas

Are you looking for an alternative to sodas or other very sweet drinks for your children? Herbal tea is a good solution.

Without theine or caffeine, our organic herbal teas have magical virtues! They can be drunk from the age of two. They are naturally fruity, organic and hydrating. They will not prevent your children from falling asleep and can facilitate their digestion or help them recover from a little cold.

Discover without further delay our selection of organic herbal teas in bulk that you can prepare in hot or iced version, for the whole family.

Note that this selection is perfectly applicable for pregnant women for whom sweetened drinks or rich in theine and caffeine drinks should be avoided.

Let's start with our Summer Flush herbal tea that you can find in our Cat shaped tea bag (in packs of 5 tea bags or boxes of 15 tea bags) and Dress shaped tea bag (in packs of 5 tea bags).

Our Summer Flush herbal tea is fruity and can be drunk without moderation! On the menu: apples, hibiscus flowers, pieces of candied pineapple, pretty raspberries and a hint of orange. Welcome to vacation!

Now imagine the smell of a cake coming out of the oven... head for our most beautiful olfactory memories with our Enchanted Night herbal tea. A delicious organic herbal tea with flavors of almond, apple, rose petals, orange peel, coconut shavings, pineapple, marigold, hibiscus and cornflower, just to name a few.

Enchanted Night is available in 100g bulk, in a pack of 5 moon-shaped tea bags or in our Nature Lover tea bag box.

Our organic teas are of high quality. We select our ingredients with care and attention. They are perfect for children and adults alike!

Our tea bags are hand sewn in our workshop in Lyon. We use organic cotton thread that does not contain chemicals and does not bleed in boiling water. For the fabric, we use a food grade gauze.

I wish you beautiful tastings and happy tea time with our herbal teas!

See you soon,